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Welcome to TheDevCloud, The cloud-agnostic discussion forum!

Andrew Brown
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Welcome to the TheDevCloud, the cloud-agnostic discussion forum!
I bet you have lots of questions, so lets jump into it!

Currently I have soft launched the platform. meaning not everything has been configured. I'll be chipping away at it daily, but the platform is highly durable so there won't be any data loss.

How is this different than DEV?

DEV has a strong tag bias towards web-development and specifically javascript frameworks. DEV has cloud computing content, but simply there was not enough room for cloud content to grow.

Amazing cloud contributors were being overshadowed by css trick, regex cheatsheets and javascript hacks.

By having our own cloud-computing Forem we will have more domain-specific tags to make cloud content more discoverable and drive more growth around different cloud topics.

My approach to curation and moderation will be different than DEV, where low quality articles will be culled, and tagging for articles will be optimized for discovery.

How is this different than 100DaysOfCloud?

The 100DaysOfCloud is a structured cloud community challenge to give you a self-study path while learning in the open. TheDevCloud is a platform to share and discover content.

How is this different than Hashnode?

Hashnode is a developer blogging and publication platform. If you're building your own personal brand and you are writing long-form articles trying to get organic reach via search engines that's the place for you.

I have my own publication at and you will see me writing articles on Hashnode and cross-posting them here on TheDevCloud.

TheDevCloud is a platform to share and discover cloud content.

How is this different than freeCodeCamp?

freeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization with their own forum, multiple youtube channels and their own online publication. Think of them as Time Magazine, highly reputable curated developer content that has massive reach.

I publish my free cloud certifications courses there and from time to time will publish articles. When I have a very important super article where I want to reach the most people, thats my preferred place to publish.

Who is behind TheDevCloud?

Me, Andrew Brown!

  • I create free cloud certifications study courses.
  • I'm an AWS Community Hero.
  • I provide cloud journey advise if you send me a DM.
  • I make cloud memes.

I'm the moderator for DEV's AWS and Azure tag, I'm very familiar with the platform, so you're in good hands here.

Why did you choose to call it TheDevCloud?

TheDevCloud and DEV sound very similar, and that's because I was not creative enough to come up with a unique name. TheDevCloud is not affiliated with DEV despite the similarity in naming. This is wholly a separate operation.

What constitutes cloud content that can be posted to TheDevCloud?

All three types of cloud computing are welcome!

  • SaaS: JIRA, M365, Google Workspace...
  • Paas: eg. Heroku, Netlify...
  • IaaS eg. AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud...

Cloud vendors are welcome as well (as long as you're providing educational value, and its not overtly just sales demo or marketing article)

Cloud-related tools like K8 and Linux, ML and Data are welcome! (though I imagine ML could have its own dedicated Forem community)

What tags should I follow?.

I am working on tags you can follow, here is what I've filled in so far:

How can I help?

If you want to be a moderator for a tag by all means.
Tag recommendations would be great!

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