If you want to ask me for Cloud journey advice, my DM's are open.

Andrew Brown
・1 min read

Hey Cloud Journeyers ☁️ πŸ‘‹

How do I ask a question?

I you want to ask me cloud journey advice, the best way is to send me a DM on either Twitter or LinkedIn βœ‰οΈ

Anything you need to know?

Be specific, share a bit of your journey up to this point, and where you'd like to go.

How soon will I get a reply?

I check my Twitter and LinkedIn daily (unless I am busy recording a course), I can be delayed to reply but what will happen is I will put your question in my queue.

Sometimes I reply the same day, sometimes it takes me a couple of day.

How will I get a reply?

For simple questions I normally just reply privately.
For very good questions I'll be posting here in TheDevCloud. (I'll anonymize your identity).

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