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A Journey back to the 2010s...

Cloud naive DevOps guy
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I would never imagine me working on VMs running Windows two month back, but now it's the reality.

A bit intro about my experience, I felt I was the lucky generation that was born right into the clouds. I learnt AWS, GCP directly without touching any on-premise or on-metal stuff. Also, thanks to my ex-CTO, the applications I built, deployed, maintained are on running inside containers. Even the pipelines I used is running in containers!(Yes, you're right, it's Bitbucket Pipeline) This really gave me a very happy start to the DevOps journey, it even made me felt DevOps is all about cloud and containers... Until I joined a cloud technology consulting company.

Over the past two weeks, I've been working on a project. It's code is in C++, it's OS is Windows, it's running in VMs. Eveything is trendy, but only in the 2010s. I should actually be happy because I could still use Terraform!

To be continued...

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Andrew Brown

In 2010 I was running my servers on lol.