Do not pay for PSI

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Hello cocmrads :)

I would like to share my exam experience.

I passed Cloud Practitioner exam a few days ago, scored 748 points. I used AWS Cloud Essential course and Andrew's youtube free course, both covered, i would say 90% or more of the exam questions. As Andrew have told, this exam is pretty straight forward, especially compared to microsoft exams,I passed MS-900 as well, it was much harder.

My main tip is never take any exam with PSI! Awful and so stresfull, proctor did not let me to start for 45 min, asking me to get rid of ethernet cable and charger (WTF) and then allowing and then asking again to get rid of them. It was hell. Even after finally I was able to strart , I got 2 times warning that Im using phone, Xbox bar, while I was scared to breath loud and did not move at all ))). I took exam in 35 min because was worried that something pop ap again.

Solution Architect Im going to take in a test center, because in such stress its impossible to concentrate.

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Andrew Brown • Edited

When taking an online exam I've heard the PSI experience has more technical and support issues than Pearson VUE.

Kryterion which I used for GCP was a good experience however, GCP is switching to ProctorU which I have yet to experience.

I remember one time I took an exam for Pearson Vue online and I forgot my charger, it was so stressful because the application you have to run, will heat up the computer, get the fan spinning and drain the battery so its a race against the clock. 😨

Honestly when COVID is over, I'm going back to taking my exams in the test centers. Its so much less stressful.

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Rauf Author

Yeah, online test is stressful, because we are responsible for everything, charge, internet, environment etc.,but unfortunately cant wait for reopening, so if I will not find test center available, will take Pearson Vue, I guess.